The Goonies Remake for the Mac!

Goonies was back in the time one of the best MSX games around, and this Remake is just awesome and put the game in a modern Jacket. This game would easily fit in an indie game which could be on sale on Steam or in and beat many junk platform games for which I wonder why the heck there are released anyhow? Well, this remake of the Goonies is freeware, so enjoy this game and a big hand for Braingames which made this game possible to play on PC and now on Mac using this game port! Feel free to check out the trailer to see what I am talking about. Enjoy!

This remake of the 1986 MSX classic by Konami was made by BrainGames. The game is based on the movie “The Goonies” and also features the soundtrack by Cindy Lauper. In this game you play Sloth and you are to rescue all of the Goonies and find the treasure.

Simply download and extract the Wrapper and double-click the Wrapper to play!

Download wrapper up here…

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