The Incredible Machine Mega Pack for Mac!

Great news. The most popular puzzle game ever is now available for Mac in the Porting Kit: The Incredible Machine Mega Pack!

The Mega Pack contains 4 games:
The Incredible Machine
The Incredible Machine – Contraptions
The Incredible Machine – Even More Contraptions
The Incredible Machine 3

All 4 games are added to Portingkit, so download one of those setup files from and let Portingkit install the game for you so you can play it on your Mac! enjoy!

Build monkey or mouse-powered machines, use lasers and fire fireworks, start fires using a bowling ball and flint, throw things with anti gravity platforms or a jack-in-the-box or crack open an aquarium with a cat, mouse, alligator, cannon, cheese and more!

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

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