The Secrets of Da Vinci for Mac!

The Secrets of Da Vinci is now ported for Mac! This gripping adventure game takes you back in the time of Da Vinci. The game contains 14 chapters where you have investigate, solve puzzles, explore the surroundings and buildings to unfold the secrets of Da Vinci! Seems that the game is already for Mac, so no port was needed. Check out the Mac game-play trailer below for some visuals. Enjoy!

Valdo, an ambitious young apprentice working for Da Vinci’s disciple Francesco Melzi, is extremely disappointed when the scholar suddenly dismisses him. However, shortly afterwards, he receives a letter from a mysterious patron, asking him to locate one of the great master’s missing codices. To access Da Vinci’s last residence, the Manoir du Cloux near Ambroise, Valdo tells its new occupant, a courtesan by the name of Babou de la Bourdaisire, that he is Francesco Melzi’s apprentice and that he wishes to examine the inventions that still remain on the estate.

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