Tighter ties with Gamersgate again.

Gamersgate has been lost out of the picture for some years because the ties were lost for quite a while. But with their new Sales manager they are back and ties are back in good shape. So I will be adding more Gamersgate source games and updating Gamersgate ports in coming time. I already updated 25 ports past weekend and adding a few old ones, which I had not added yet to Porting Kit. I will put on a post + video tonight for the first new Gamersgate port.

Gamersgate is one of the biggest online digital games store on the net and with over 3500 games in the game catalog, it even exceeds the number of GOG.com which is growing more and more as well! So if you search a Windows or Mac game, certainly check out the Gamersgate sales as well for the best price!

Check out the existing Gamersgate ports here…

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