Titan Quest Wrapper update!

There were some issues with the last wrapper of Titan Quest, I hope they are fixed for everyone now with this new wrapper. On My AMD Radeon this wrapper works awesome! The (few) graphic glitches which were in the old wrapper are gone here and I played 30 minutes without any trouble (except dying a couple of times in the game :P), if you already own the game and experienced some issues get this wrapper straight away, and if you didn’t knew the game was ported, get Titan Quest on Gamersgate right away (75% off right now!!!!) and install it into the wrapper!

– Fixed glitches (on AMD Radeon at least)
– Should resolve the crashes as well some Macs experienced.
– New Paulthetall.com branded Icon

Get the new wrapper from the gamepage up here…

titan quest

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  1. Awesome… you are going to do a wrapper update for sh4 1.4/1.5 soon? When you have time it?

    Greetings Rowns

  2. I am looking in Quite some wrapper updates at the moment and Silent hunter 4 is also on the list, so yes, its coming soon.

  3. OOoh thank you, i cant wait. Is there a way you can also look of the uboat mission pack addon works?

  4. played for an 2 hours straight, the updated wrapper has seem to have addressed the freeze/crash issue, thank you Paul!

  5. Thats great to hear! Thanks for letting me know. What graphics card do you have?

  6. hey Paul, I’m reporting back! :D

    The game still freezes at some point, but definitely not as frequent as the older wrapper. i’ve encountered two freezes/crashes, both occurred at around 2 and half hours of gameplay. Before the first crash, there was also a graphic glitch that has caused some texture loss to ingame objects and UI(missing textures turned into rainbows…), then it disappeared after a while, but during its presence the game slowed down significantly.

    And here is the spec of my mac:
    MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch Late 2012
    2.5 Ghz Intel Core i5
    8GB 1600MHZ DDR3
    Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB
    OS X Mavericks 10.9

  7. Ah ok, well, the glitches can simply be related to the intel graphics driver which has a lot of issues in games related to shaders and shadows. you might try to set the shadows to low which may fix that part for you (or not).

    Glad to hear it crashes only once in a long while.

  8. Hi Paul,

    After I open the wrapper to install software it won’t let log into the gamersgate downloader. I get a failed to sign in errro 12030 in network connection. Do you have any suggestions on what could be causing this?


  9. Might be a firewall thing. You tried redownloading the gamersgate file and tried again? Also what OSX version you have?

  10. Check the new wrapper. This one should fix the problem.

  11. Thanks, I redownloaded the wrapper and game from Gamersgate and it installed as usuall. I get square shadows but if I fool with the settings they seem to go away but when you press Alt or Command to see items on the ground they do not highlight.

    OS X 10.6.8
    3.06 Ghz
    4 GB memory
    nVidia 9400m

  12. Works just like it did on the Mac for me. I’ve finished one character all the way through to the end of Legendary. I am really desperate to get immortal throne! I have the disk, but can’t seem to install it into this wrapper. Anything that I can do? I really would love to play it!!! I would appreciate you helping me to get that up and running on my Mac!

    Thanks so much Paul The Tall!!

  13. Hi everyone, I have some issues with installing TQ original version on my mac OSX (version 10.6.8) which I got from the Gamestage website as you advised. I followed the few steps of your guide and at the end (after entering the CD key and the TQ download) the TQ folders appear and open (with Quest editing etc.). So at this point I double click on the TQ icon to run the game, nothing happens for like 2-3 seconds and then the game closes / crashes…
    Could you please help or anyone ?

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