Tomb Raider 2013 released for the Mac!

A while back when I ported Tomb Raider for the first time, it worked great!  I already told you guys that It wouldn’t be real long before the native version should come out. Well, after almost a year has been past and it is there now :) I see there are 2 versions, one of Feral Interactive and one of  Equinix themself (Steam). The big difference is the price! The feral Interactive one is $49!!!!! While the Gamersgate version (= Steam version) is only $19,99! Thats a $30,- difference! For that money you can almost buy the program Crossover! Besides that, if you already bought the game in the past at Gamersgate = Steam, then the Mac version is available automatically free of charge. So in that case you download the Mac steam and download the game in there and play! Enjoy!

I adjusted the game page to the Mac version here…

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  1. I tried the game.
    Sadly not my style Tomb Raider anymore.
    This is not a game anymore, just a buttonbasher and keyboard killer.
    Graphics are beautiful, story as far as I saw it, good.
    Gameplay sucked.
    All you have to do is wait for the screen to tell you what to do.
    You even don’t have to slow down for a small ledge, she slows down herself.

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