Tombraider (2013) port added to Porting Kit!

As mentioned in the blog-post before we are working hard to bring as much great games which dropped support for OS 10.15.x Catalina to Porting Kit as possible so they can still be played on Mac on your Catalina OS 10.5.x Mac. Today we are proud to announce a post of the famous Tombraider (2013) port which has been added to Porting Kit :) I tested the game on my Macbook pro 2019 and works very well. IF you have a medium-end Mac, I advise to lower the in-game video settings to the ones best suitable in your gaming experience.

We are always trying to bring as much games to the Mac and on the latest Mac OS Catalina 10.15.x and above. If you want to have a sneak peak of the latest games added to Porting Kit check the ratings tab in Porting Kit and check the “latest” column. or on the website and check “sort –> latest” to see the latest added or updated ports.

For Catalina users: Make sure SIP is disabled and that the Porting Kit app is located in your Apps/Application folder. If you want SIP to be enabled, I strongly recommend Crossover for now for the time being.

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