Top WordPress Trends for 2018

Top WordPress Trends for 2018
There is very little reason to waste time talking about the popularity the platform or its unique user-friendliness. These are facts that are well known. Instead, let us quickly get into the Top WordPress Trends for 2018.

#1 Trend: Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is a virus that has infected the entire world. From real money punt online casino to landscape workers, the entire world is in love with VR. Already WP supports 360° content. Augmented reality and VR will definitely form part of the SEO strategy for many big websites.

#2 Trend: Video
By the time that we celebrated the last days of 2017 Video was already a big aspect of web designs. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to anticipate a change in 2018. Finally, video in the header position has caught on. The idea has been around for a long time. Another popular place to put the video in 2018 is in the background.

#3 Drag and Drop WP Themes
Drag and Drop WP themes seem to attract more and more attention. They were a huge trend last year and people seem to still be captivated by them. Being able to buy a theme and be able to customize it without any knowledge coding frees up a lot of time for the web developer. This time can be spent experimenting with ways to better optimize the site.

As usual, WordPress is already working on the next update release. Naturally, users can expect improvements in a lot of areas. It will be easier managing the website and there will be fixes to the bugs in the current version of WP. There are rumours that the WP 5.0 will totally revolutionise content management.

With eCommerce sites being the majority of WP sites it can be safely expected that there is going to be developed in that department. It is money after all that makes the WordPress ecosystem to survive and thrive.

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