Total Annihilation – Kingdoms for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

Awesome good old strategy game! This game is released now for the Mac now on Click on the links mentioned here, create an account using the signup in the top bar on the website and buy the game. You automatically get when creating an account 10 free GOG games added to your account (from which 9 also for the Mac) so you have nothing to loose, only to receive :)

Massive armies will clash. Forests and cities will burn. Tremendous magical forces will level entire castles in the blink of an eye. Four immortal sibling monarchs are locked in a massive campaign to rule the land of Darien. Build your armies, hone your magic skills and gather resources to wage war on an epic field of battle. The balance of power lies in your arms.


total annihilation- Kingdoms mac screenshot 3
total annihilation- Kingdoms mac screenshot 2
total annihilation- Kingdoms mac screenshot 1

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