Toy Defense for the Mac!

Now we are still in the WW1 mood, I have a nice free “Tower Defense” kinda game of Myplaycity for you as well called Toy Defense! The commercial version is 4,99 on Gamersgate, but the Myplaycity version is free of charge! So get this game for nada below and have some tactical fun! This game was already available for Iphone a while back, but I have to say it more fun on your Mac when you can use mouse :) Simply download the Wrapper with the game preinstalled below and extract and play!

It’s time for great strategic plans! Don’t miss the chance to become a winner and test your courage and skills as a military leader at the First World War! Don’t let enemies get to your base and kill your soldiers. Beat off all the attacks, protect your base from hostile airplanes, tanks and overcome unexpected traps with the help of different kinds of weapon. Earn points, strengthen your towers, train soldiers and buy upgrades. Believe me, victory is in your hands!

Simply download the Portingkit (if you don’t have it already) and go to the library –> server tab and select the “Toy Defense!” game and click download. Then the Portingkit will install the game for you into the Portingkit. After installation the Portingkit will say the installation was done successfully. Then go to your “local” tab where you can select the game and click “play”!

Download the Portingkit up here…

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