Trackmania Nations Forever Wrapper update!

We all agree that a full game download is better then a Steam wrapper which can cause issues. Besides that the latest wrapper had a sound issue (Engine sound of the car was gone). So I relooked into the matter and made the game non-steam again and fixed the problem with sound and kept the fix intact of the slowdown after one race on Nvidia cards. Played about 20 races without any slowdowns and with sound FX :) Enjoy the new wrapper with TM Nations Forever pre-installed!

– Fixed sound FX issue
– A full game download once again
– Fixed slowdowns after one race for Nvidia cards.

Get the new wrapper from the gamepage up here…

tm nations

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  1. Not related….but are you planning to update Anno 2070 soon?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Well, I will try, but main problem is the stupid updates!! there are about 26 patches (insane!) and it might happen it hangs on package 22 or something, or earlier, this might fail a lot of times and it will simply start from the beginning if you restart it, so yeah, I will recheck it any time soon when most urgent stuff is done.

  3. You’re doing a great work with the wrappers, but with the Anno 2070 wrapper I need some help.

    I’ve just bought Anno 2070 on Gamersgate and downloaded the present wrapper for Anno 2070, but when I extract the .7z file and double click it, nothing happens. Only after I click “show folder content” and then wineskin does the program start.
    But then there is the problem that when I click “Choose Setup Executable” and choose “Download Anno 2070.exe” it says “No new executables found! Maybe the installer failed…?”

    Is there a defect with the wrapper? Can you maybe upload the old wrapper from the video on your homepage again (the .dmg file)?


  4. ? Ok, I will check it out tonight. I have to say because of the many patches the installation might fail many times…. I am looking for a fix for that as well…

  5. Have you been able to fix it?

  6. haven’t been able to look into it yet. there is so much on my head, and so much to do, also private life matter are stepping in so I am not able to do the stuff I want. So I must ask for some more patience….

  7. No hurrys, I was just wondering. Again, thanks for even making the wrappers.

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