Trials Legends for Mac!

Another nice free game added to the Porting Kit! You liked Trials 2 SE which is added to the Portingkit already? Then this free Trials Legends will be a nice add-on to that game as well! Revisit the history of Trials in Trials Legends, a new, free PC game that recaptures the classic gameplay of the original web and PC-based Trials experience from 2000 to 2005.

Trials Legends reprises 33 classic tracks from the early days of years 2000–2005 of Trials, and includes six bike models, 15 ranks to achieve, local scoreboards, a track creator, and a short history of RedLynx Trials games. The tracks are based on courses from Trials Basic, Trials Pro, Trials Construction Yard, and Trials Mountain Heights – games originally released between 2000 and 2005 as free-to-play online Java games and small PC games.

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