Unreal 2 for the Mac!

I already did port Unreal Tournament 2004 a few days back, but here is the port for Unreal 2: The Awakening as well! Most middle aged guys will know this game from school days. Especially Unreal Tournament and Unreal which I ported also. I know it is a bit late, but with the Battle of the Games action, Unreal 2 is only $2,49 (75% off) at the moment, so if you like it then you can get it cheap now on GOG.com! Check out the trailer below to refresh some memories!

Not Your Average Mission – Command a team of marines defending a ravaged base. Infiltrate an enemy stronghold. Rescue the trapped survivor of an alien raid. With a demanding array of objectives, you have one overriding goal – survival. Be ready for anything. Unreal Graphics and Sound – Awe-inspiring graphics immerse you in a swarm of alien worlds full of breathtaking scenery and brutal action. 3D sound envelops you in hailstorms of bullets, mind-jarring explosions and the eerie chatter of alien tongues.

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…

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