Updated Red Alert 2/Origin client video Tutorial!

As promised to some people having confusing how to installed Red Alert 2/Origin, here a quick updated Tutorial how to install Red Alert on your Mac. I Mention in the video this older version of Origin is temporarily and we are working on a supported updated version of Origin on the Mac. But until the updated port is finished, you guys have to do it with this more out dated version of the Origin Client.

Enjoy the video and I hope this tutorial will take away any confusion of the installation of the Origin Client in Porting Kit and the game itself.

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  1. This Feb 2019 video says the Origin client would be updated soon. Has that been done?

  2. when I click the INSTALL, it pops up two options, one is from origin, another one is from mounted CD. The origin option is not clickable!

  3. On the website it says that Originbuild (32 bits) has been updated on 30/06/2021 but on porting kit it doesn’t allow to install.

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