Updated Steam Wrappers (already)!

Well, the Engines weren’t even a few hours online and there are already new ones! There were some issues with them, so I had to fix them. Besides that a new new is added: Steambuild1b! This one is added because steambuild1 has (Now with the latest version) a speed/graphic tweak in it which may increase performance massively and fixes some graphical glitches in some games for some video cards like for example in “Ducktales Remastered“. With a normal wrapper this game is unplayable on Nvidia cards, but with the latest Steambuild1, this one works fine. However, with good things comes bad things! This tweak may cause speed and graphical glitches which aren’t on a “non-speed tweaked wrapper”, so when you experience that, move to Steambuild1b.

–    Steambuild1b: Try this one when Steambuild1 is slow and or has graphic glitches

These Steambuild Wrappers might also work with other games not mentioned on this website. If that is the case, please let me know using the contact form. This info is highly appreciated, so I can add the game to the paulthetall.com catalog and other people may benefit of this info as well. Because of the file size the Wrappers are 7ziped, use an un-archiver like the free KEKA to extract the 7zip files. The specific steam games pages will receive/be updated with info and links to the specific Steam Wrappers coming days. Enjoy!!!

Get the new Wrappers up here… and the instruction document here…


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