Urban Chaos for the Mac!

Urban Chaos  is a very well done free roaming action game mixed up with mythical elements. You play as officer D’arci Stern and fight against the street gang Wild Cats while the situation in the city becomes worse and worse. During the missions you can kick down you enemies and arrest them, shoot them or punch them to death, which gives you the choose which playstile you prefer. Aside from the main objectives you also can trigger some small side events when you explore the streets of the city, which makes them feel more alive. I put in the GOG.com trailer of the game below to get you introduced to the game.

As the millenium draws to a close, a malevolent cult of the Fallen lurks in the shadows and sewers of Union City…waiting. Their unholy mission is to fulfill an ancient prophecy of apocalypse. Crime and subversion are their tools to wrest control of the city. Now gangas, hardened criminals, and violent cultists roam the streets looking for trouble to cause. As D’Arci Stern, a tough as nails UCPD rookie cop, you use her martial arts prowess and infiltration skills to unlock the diabolical intentions of the Fallen cult. Her only ally in an unfair fight against criminality is Roper, UCPD informant and ex-Special Forces grunt. Obsessively driven to purge the world of the Fallen menace, Roper speaks softly but carries a big shotgun.

Download the Porting Kit where you can install and play the game in up here…

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  1. the game run in full screen?
    i love your job ;)

  2. Yes in the standard 1024×768 resolution which is supported in the game.

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