Video Tutorial: How to use CrossTies in Crossover

Here the first video Tutorial about Crossover. In this video I gonna demonstrate how to use CrossTie’s in Crossover and how simple this works (matter of opening the Crosstiefile and watch the automater do its work). I used in this video the “Crossover ready” game page of Worms Mayhem which will be the example page of what all pages in the end will look like (only the video in the slider be different of course). The Wineskin Wrapper will still be available though when it’s created already in the past. New game ports will be Crossover tested only.

I hope you will enjoy the video and that it may shine some light on how to use CrossTies. There will be a bunch other videos coming about some Crossover features and the main use of it. So I will make you guys all confortable with Crossover in no time :).

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  1. Great vid. Now i understand that to, i have a few other questions but maybe you will make more vid about it that answer my question.

  2. Of course, this is just one of the many videos which will come. Videos of using older Crossover versions and making launch shortcuts so you can start the game without needing to open crossover first and navigate to menus to launch the game. Doing tweaks, how the program works and so on.

    So, don’t worry about that. Lots to do and loads to come.

  3. Also a tutorial about how yo can use the program with a CD, like SH4 i have on a CD and before i used your port but that one doesnt work anymore.

  4. Yeah CrossOver can actually install programs from CD’s really easily. Once you insert it automatically detects it, looks for the setup.exe (or other) and then starts installing.

  5. But dont you need things like winetricks?

  6. All that gets arranged in the Crossties I create. Thats so cool about crossties :D

  7. Oke cool.

  8. Is there a way to install the game without the cross ties? i have an older version of crossover and it won’t install with the cross tie.

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