War Thunder Steam version working with Crossover!

Some good news guys! I saw some disussion about World of Warplanes, and I checked it out in Crossover, and guess what? Yup it is working. I created a CrossTie for the game which will automaticly download and install the game in Steam into Crossover! Steam will first download almost whole the game automatic. Then it will launch the launcher and will download and install the last about 100MB using the client without problems in my test!

So check the CrossTie out and play this amazing game! You need Crossover pre-installed in order for the CrossTie to work. Check out this video or on the game pages how simple CrossTies work! Enjoy!

War thunder

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  1. Is it warthunder or word of warplanes those are 2 different games
    Maybe a mistake?

  2. I think you mean warthunder because WoWp does`nt use Steam.

  3. This is the crosstie for War Thunder, as the subject says ;) World of Warplanes I still have to look into.

  4. Oke, because it is confusing, because of this: “Some good news guys! I saw a discussion about about WoWp, and i checked it out in crossover, and quess what? Yup it is working.” You see what i mean?

  5. Thank you Paul! :)

  6. If you test a game and it works in crossover, then please rank the game :)

  7. No problem! I do some tests of Steam games right now :)

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