Some website news!

Here a special post about the latest news around the website. It’s bin a while and there are a couple of things I want to share with you guys about some things which is actual at the moment and about some new things to come.

1. Speed Website:
Well, the site was terrible slow this weekend and performance wasn’t that good lately. If correct and I hope it also counts for you guys, that the performance is improved drasticly. Manesh Sona did some fine-tuning on the site and we disabled some plugins which might have been the cause of it. So this is great news!

2. Some incoming changes!
We are working on some new features to implant, and the first thing is the Login possibility on the website. Manesh is working on that one as well and will implant an extra section for VIP members. Yes VIP/Premium membership features will change a bit as well because of the Crossover application and I have to think about that one, how to give that shape. Probably there will be only 1 Premium version and the Gold Silver and Bronze will be something of the past. This isn’t final yet, have to think about that one. Also the search option will be implanted which will make it more easy to search for games. When you have some special desires then please email me about it so I can take it in consideration.

3. Filehosting changes:
I have scattered all the wrappers on 3 different filehost/cloudhost companies, all with its own features and flaws and I have decided to bring it back to one. I never had issues with mediafire but the file size was the only problem then. This has been changed lately so I will move back to Mediafire and keep the other expensive filehosters behind me as well. One place one price and this saves me quite some money on filehosting. Nice plan, but it takes a while to move about 600 wrappers to another file hoster and then change all the links again on all the game pages.

4. The things left:
The last other things: I have 20TB a month bandwidth on Filefactory and believe it or not, for this month we exceeded it already! Its 18 February and luckily it is a short month because until the end of the month when downloading a wrapper there will be some Filefactory ads appearing before download. Choose in that case the “slow download” which is the free one. Other thing left is that the “Contact Form” is still not working (is been worked on) so when you need help sent me an email mentioned on the contact page. Last but not least the forum will be closed because it is unfortunately hijacked by spammers. So I redirect for Crossover to the Crossover Website and for wrapper questions email me.

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  1. Great to hear this, can’t wait to see those new future’s. I hope that this will help you a lot.

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