Website will will be moved to faster Webserver!

Here the announcement that the website will be moved to faster Webserver. I made a huge mistake for choosing the lowest cost virtual server on Strato. Will move now to way better/faster and unfortunately way more expensive VPS hosting. Although you may think the speed of the site itself was quite doable for most of the time, I myself had way trouble in WordPress itself. I have about 1000 game pages and loads of posts, and when loading pages, editing pages, creating posts, creating pages, takes ages for me. Also lots of kick-outs. Trying to cache the site and many other plugins tested and cleaning up plugins as well resulted in only some speed increase of browsing the site, but not in WordPress itself.

Because what I earlier did in 10 minutes costs now more then an hour + lots of frustration, I move to this faster server. Also having in mind that the new features will be implanted as well, this is a necessary update. So, coming week will be the week of the truth. So here also counts, when pages are not loading well, error pages or even page cannot be displayed. Keep in mind we are working on the site to become a better place in the end :) Thanks in advance for your patience.

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