Weekend sale GOG.com with up to 90% discount!

GOG.com has another cool weekend slae with up to 90% discount! With loads of native mac games and lots of Windows games for which we have a port available in the Portingkit database!

Lets start with some native Mac games. We have for example: Valhalla Hills with a 90% discount or Grand ages Medieval  with an 80% discount. Or if you like RPG then maybe Rezrog (-70%) might be something for you. Or if you like simulation, then Project Highrise (-60%) and Project Mars (-66%), might be very interesting as well.

Then for the game ports available in the database, oh boy, o boy, good news for the citybuilder/strategy games lovers, because we have, the Caesar series, and Pharao + Cleopatra, Zeus + Poseidon and Empire of the Rising Sun which are also tested and working in Big Sur in discount with 50% discount. But those are only a few! I am not even talking about rollercoaster Tycoon, Locomotion, Tropico series and Patrican….yes, lots of good old strategy games are now in discount. So why waiting, and click on the link below to see the whole sale!

Check out the whole sale up here…

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