Weekly sale 2K games, Paradox and Rebellion up to 75% off!

Another cool weekly sale on GOG.com! With Zero/nada native Mac games but loads and loads of great Windows games for which we have a port available in Porting Kit and Crossover! There are at the moment 20 games on sale but that will increase in the weekend with a bunch more. We will mention a couple of popular ones.

2k Games…I love them: Sid Meier’s Railroads (-75%), Railroad Tycoon 2 and Railroad Tycoon 3 both also 75% off. Then Strategy! yes, there are loads of them. From the Army Men RTS and Army Men 2 and Army Men Toys in Space  all 50% off! Then some more Strategy in Civcity Rome (75% off) and the Xcom games series. But there is also lots of Action! Like Hidden and Dangerous 2 and Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich all 75% off! Check them out and make you wishlist empty with 75% discount!

Check out the whole sale up here…

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