Weekly Sale: INDIE GEMS UP TO 90% OFF

GOG.com started today there Weekly sale with up to 90% discount of especially native Mac games and some Windows games for we have ports available in Porting Kit. We will name couple of the Natave Mac games and end with a few Windows games for we have ports in the database. Shall we?

Lets begin with a very popular one like Disco Alysium with a nice discount of -25%. But yes you are right, let’s talk big discounts like 75% to 90%! Alright there we go: Steamworld Dig with (75% off) and good old Bastion or Pinstripe (-80%). Now let’s go to even higher discounts like to popular State of Mind with 85% discount, and with the final blow of 90% off: The Deponia series: Deponia, Deponia 2 and Deponia 3 and Deponia 4!

Yes, namely Mac native Mac games this week promo, but hold on, we still have 2 Windows games for we have a Port available in Porting Kit: Torchlight with 70% off and Forager with a reasonable 33% discount!  Both of the games are testing and working in Catalina OS 10.15.x as well. For those 2 counts that you need to download the “offline backup setup file(s)” from your GOG.com game library into your download folder and use portingkit to install them so you can play them on your Mac. Oh and yes…still SIP disabled for now. Enjoy!

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