Wineskin Tutorial: How to fix Steam login problems in a Steam Wrapper!

In my game port collection there are quite a number of Steam game wrappers which contains the Windows Steam client. I made this video tutorial to show people who encounter Steam login issues, how to fix that. Those Steam client login issues accure most of the time in older wrappers with outdated steam clients pre-installed. In those cases you might run into connection problems error messages from Steam. You may wonder why because you are conencted to the internet. Well, the problem in that case is the pre-installed steam client software. To fix that you need to delete the steam folder in the wrapper and re-install steam into the wrapper. I made a video tutorial about that so you can fix that yourself. It would be nice that if you run into a wrapper with that problem, to inform me about that, so I can make a wrapper update for that Steam wrapper.

I added the video-link to the Wineskin Video Tutorial page as well!

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  1. Problem still exists with Oblivion even when Steam is replaced. When logging in on steam error message occurs stating a problem has occurred and steam must shut down.

  2. I still have this similar problem to Travis with the Planetside 2 wrapper. Everything works up until I go to play the game, then an error message pops up saying that their is a serious problem with either the application or the wrapper then the program is forced to close.

    How do I avoid this problem so that I can play?

    Thanks for the help Paul! This is a great website!

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