Wineskin update issues in Porting Kit –> (Resolved)

Update: 19:00 – Wineksin verison has been roled back. Everything should be working normally now. If you don’t get a message with an update after restarting Porting Kit, then force the update using “check for updates” using the top bar Portingkit menu. We are working on a workaround to implement Wineskin after all.


Two days ago a new wineksin version has been pushed which has some nice fixes inside, reducing the CPU usage and fixing the main exe issue with an existing port which was already installed for a while. Unfortunatly the Wineksin update creates a new issue using specific engines causing installation to hang on wrapper “creating wine prefix”.

We are investigating the problem and tonight there will be an forced update to roll back the Wineskin, so it prevents any issues. Meanwhile we are investigating what is going wrong with Wineskin and how to fix it.

Bear with us!

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