Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt for Mac

We secretly had it already added to Porting Kit for about 1.5 weeks, but we needed to add a fix in Porting Kit first. Now we have done it just, we can finally officially release it on the blog: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for Mac! I tested the game on bot my high end Macbook Pro (intel) 2019 and on Apple Silicon Mac Mini (16 GB) and it works very well!! You need Porting Kit 4 beta to install and play the Witcher game. I also made a video of this one, you have to forgive my clumsiness with all the controls, but you will notice it runs pretty well on my Apple Silicon Mac Mini :)

Basic Portingkit Install Instructions GOG games:
1. Download the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offline backup setup file(s) into your download folder.
2. Always read the notes of the game description first for additional steps!
3. Go to the library server tab and select the game you want to install and click: Install
4. Portingkit will create the wrapper and locate your setup file in your download folder
5. The installation of the game will start, run through the install wizard.
6. After installation, exit the installer (don’t run launch the game).
7. Porting kit will say it has finished successfully.
8. Go to your local library tab and select the game and click: play
9. Enjoy the game!

Game description:
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the RPG epic with a mature, non-linear story that reacts to your decisions, a vast open world with a living ecosystem, dynamic and tactical combat, and stunning visuals, is available on GOG.com!

Go to the Porting Kit game page up here…

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Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

  1. Unfortunately does not work with offline installer 1.31 – once installation is complete (EXIT) installer stuck in running setup/wrapper configure

  2. Initial setup file (1.31) from GOG running in an endless loop in Portingkit (wrapper configure) here just after selecting English language from the install process, what a shame.

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