World in Conflict Wrapper update!

A very nice Wrapper update and CrossTie is made available for you guys tonight. Someone was so kind to test World in Conflict with one of the latest Wine engines and we troubleshooted the game and made it fully functioning now! There were in the past some “freeze” issues in the game after playing about 30 minutes for a lot of people, that is fixed now for the normal game! He was also so kind to test the Modern Warfare Mod in the Wrapper which worked great as well using medium graphical settings.

– CrossTie available!
– Fixed freeze issue (after about 30 minutes play) what may appear
– New branded icon

Get the new wrapper from the game page here…


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  1. I’ve still got the problem where the game freezes up after 20-30 minutes. Using this new wrapper, the game seemed to work great. But it always freezes up about halfway through the second mission, the first US mission. Any ideas?

  2. Rightclick wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –> screensettings –> check if macdriver selectbox is deselected. This needs to be so. If it is then try also after 15 minutes so save and restart the game and check if it still freezes a few moments after or if it takes another 20 minutes to free again?

  3. You are sure you have the right wrapper not an old cahced one? Have 2 different users who tested the new wrapper and both can play it for ages without freezes.

  4. I think the wrapper is updated. Used the updated one from this page. Also tried running the game with the macdriver selectbox both checked and unchecked. The problem still persists. When I ran the game with the box checked, I received a message when the game froze saying:
    “There is not enought memory available to run this program. Quit one or more programs, and then try again.”

  5. What gfx card and what osx version?

  6. Graphics:
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB

    OS X Maverick Version 10.9.2

  7. Might be gfx card in combination with memory. 512mb GFX is minimum. 2 Testers had both more then 512MB GFX memory.

    Try lower your ingame gfx settings and see if it helps.

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