World of Tanks Wrapper Update!

Good news, I heard there was an update of the game World of Tanks. So I checked it out and tried to update the Wrapper as well, with great results!! Was abel to fix the glitches on my Nvidia Card iMac, so there was no black hangar and glitchy tanks anymore. In-game the glitches were fixed as well! Played about 5 battles without any glitches or troubles. I even had in some rounds on some moments over 100 fps (with video settings set to minimum)!!! So where are you waiting for?!! Get that Wrapper now, its free!

– Fixed in-game glitches for Nvidia (most likely Intel graphics as well)
– Performance improvements

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…



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  1. Hello paul,
    I have little problems. Glitches disappeared, but when i switch to improved graphics, still is a black garage
    :( , and when i play, looking where are no tanks, i have 60 and more fps. but when 3 tanks come to my screen i have 10 FPS:( please help me :-( sniper mode is everything okay, even when there are tanks ^^
    thx for response,

  2. Correct. You need to keep the low settings, when you increase graphical settings to higher, you will see mayer frame drops. So that probably explains your framedrops. Played about 9 games now, and I don’t experience troubles when I have the Graphical settings to minimum/low and the resolution the same as my Mac resolution (in my case 1920×1080). So make sure the video settings are set to low.

  3. Ok, After playing some games with bigger tanks (level 3) I got the slowdowns as well. So I updated the wrapper (again) and now it has the glitches back, but the performance is much better (around 47 fps) with a level 3 tank game. Its also better performance then the older wrapper. Want to have the glitches fixed and don’t bother the frames? Then right click the new wrapper –> show package content –> Wineskin –> screen settings and turn on the graphic boost select box. When re-run the game you will have same results as the latest wrapper update.

  4. I don’t care much about glitches, i just want good performance when playing, because when you are playing at higher ranks you need to aim carefully, and react fast, so FPS is very important :-) Thx for help!
    i will download it .
    thx for reply

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