World of Tanks 9.0 Update!

Edit: I updated the normal World of Tanks Wrapper (AMD version is still in tact) which is Intel/Nvidia optimized. (Has better performance and should fix a close/crash of game after a battle)

World of Tanks got an update a few days back. This update was especially focused on graphics. Well in Wine this can be a good thing or a bad thing, also dependent on the video card you have in your Mac. For AMD Radeon for example, it worked always good. Good FPS, no glitches, etc. On Nvidia and Intel it is a different story. Anyway, I got some questions about World of Tanks that the game crashes after one battle since the latest 9.0 update.So I looked into the matter and spent the whole night testing and tweaking. A thing I saw was the graphics tab was different. You can improve the graphics and Field of View (FOV) or decrease it, but the last one you should do to get some performance improvements.

In the end I created now 2 Wrapper flavors which is specialized on the specific GFX cards. With both my Nvidia iMac with 512mb and My AMD Radeon 670M I could play about 3 games in a row without any troubles. Yes, the wrappers aren’t flawless and you should check which wrapper works best for you. I created a game play video with the 9.0 version of WOT to show how it works at the moment. Enjoy!

You can find the new Wrappers up here…

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26 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.0 Update!

  1. Paul congratulation !
    This amd version works very and without problems
    Thank you again for all the work

  2. This update is really great. Everything works!
    The only thing I would like to see are the improved graphics. Is there any chance for them to be supported in the future?

    Thank you for this great piece of software.

  3. Hello paul, FPS 50 (20 more than last wrapper) no glitches. great !! but i still have those crashes after battle…. its not a crash, but the app just suddenly quits. Can i do something with it ?

  4. Yes, Deselect the mac driver (rightclick wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –> screen settings –> delect mac driver. That version of the wrapper will be in place of the Nvidia/intel one within an hour.

  5. Heh, when i set it off, i have much worse FPS, and still it is 2 battles without crash. i donut know what to do
    :( its on my side it seems :/

  6. paul
    your ports is always great,but there is some problems with intel on macbook pro retina 15.
    it works good before 0.9.0,but after update there are some crazy bugs)
    i install 25% textures but fps ~30,and it crashes after 3 battles may you help please?)
    With respect mac user.

  7. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the wrapper update, it’s nice to be playing so quickly after an update.
    I’m having an interesting graphical glitch that causes the words to spaz out when I move the mouse. Anything I can do to fix this?

  8. redownloaded wrapper.. redownloaded the game… still get crashes after almost every match….
    Graphics on “standard”.. full screen 2560×1440…
    any settings i should try fiddling with to get it to stop crashing?

  9. Trick to avoid having the fps that crumbles just deleted the folder awesomium in the res folder .

  10. Nice new ;)
    I want to update the community on the status up the next patch for World of Tanks. As you all know 9.0 is an update sets the stage for all the updates for the rest of the year. There were major functional changes that had to occur in this update to make that possible. This unfortunately led to some of the instability in form of game crashes and issues with framerate.

    We have already identified some of the issues and currently have a patch in QA testing. It will address many of the game crashes and some of the framerate issues. We want to get this patch out as soon as possible without introducing new problems.

    The current ESTIMATED timeframe for this patch is this Friday. It is subject to change depending on what is found by QA, but I wanted to make sure you are as informed as possible. If this estimate changes I will make another update. I will also update you if a second patch is required.

    We apologize for the disruption this update may have caused you, however we look forward to the advances that this patch will allow.

    Thank you all for your patience,

    Joshua Morris
    World of Tanks Producer – North America

  11. Hey everyone,

    We’ve received confirmation of the upcoming hot fix/micro-patch!

    Fixed significant number of the ‘crash to desktop’ or ‘client crash’ issues
    Fixed “Updating Tankers” issue that occurs when trying to create a Tank Company from Training Room
    Significantly decreased performance problems when vehicle is destroyed
    Optimised turret physics when ammo rack explodes
    Fixed red gun texture issue on destroyed IS-3s
    Fixed a rare bug that caused writing off gold in case of temporary emblem or inscription purchases
    This patch should be deployed micro Friday, April 25; servers will therefore be unavailable between 6am and 6:45 am Paris time.

  12. yes, Ive tried both wrappers. The intel one gives me less crashes so I am using that one.

  13. simply wait out the patch which should be available around now. (see last comment)

  14. Hey Paul thanks for the awesome wrappers. I am still experiencing crashes after every game. I am using your none amd wrapper. This is all after Wargaming’s “hot fix.” It actually got worse since after the fix. Any ideas at what is going on?

  15. I know about the issue, cannot do anything about it at the moment. This is all I can do at the moment. The ball is now @World of Tanks developer team. Lets hope soon there will be a new update which fix this misery.

  16. “Wargaming fix this misery” good joke :) Thanks anyways. I will just have to relog after every game. One more question. Do you have any suggestions for fixing in game problems? Sometimes enemy tanks just disappear because their information (HP and tank type, etc) disappears and all I see is a tank moving around with no tracks. Makes it kinda hard to carry. Is this an issue I can fix or another Wargaming thing?

  17. Sure, depending on your videocard you can check 2 things.

    1. use the macdriver (rightclick wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –> screensettings select the macdriver select box and try again.

    2. delete the useglsl key in the register doing –> rightclick wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –> advanced –> tools –> regedit –> navigate to –> hkey_current_user/software/wine/direct3d and delete the “useglsl” string and try again.

    good luck

  18. I have an imac i3 with radeon 4670 256mb. I use to play previous version pretty well and fps never drop below 20. Now i change resolution from 1600×900 to 1360×780, minimal graphics setings, reduced 3d and fov and my frame rates drop sometimes below 10. Anything I can do to solve this?

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