World of Tanks Release 9.1 Video Update!

Here a video of the gameplay on my Nvidia 640M iMac. I mentioned in the Wrapper update already about the gameplay, and here is the video to support it. I played 2 games in the video, and as you may find out the fps is a little bit dependent on the map as well and it also shows that the game doesn’t crash or freeze anymore after a battle on my iMac. So sit back and enjoy the video!

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  1. News official wrapper by wargaming (beta version) final release soon !

    1: Download and install Wrapper . in “Applications”

    2: launch, when the client initiates the download of torrent canceled and exit.

    3: Download the file WoT mac :

    4: Go to “Documents” -> World_of_Tanks there and unzip the contents of the zip file downloaded earlier. (Replace all files)

    5: Start the Wrapper WOT and let it download and install the game

    6: Start the game simply by Wrapper after installation completed.

    not yet tested by me , by but my clan players this wrapper works very well


  2. I tested to wrapper it is not good at all
    pardon for this new

  3. You have the AMD Radeon Right? This should be exact the same wrapper as the older one for AMD. You tested the old one right which worked fine? IF you have it still kan je zip it and sent it to me, I have too many different versions I have on my desktop and dunno which one works best for others.

  4. Oh sorry I talk about my post just before that and waiting for moderation

    not concerned with your wrapper paul it works very very well ;)

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