World of Tanks Wrapper update!

Alright, after many requests to look into the World of Tanks Wrapper for the latest 9.3 World of Tanks update, I proudly announce the new update! I have tested the new Wrapper on my Nvidia 640M iMac, on my AMD Radeon 6770M iMac and on my intel HD 4000 Graphics card Macbook Air, and I was amazed by the results. To start with the AMD Radeon 6770M iMac, I had depending on the game about 60-80fps and was as expected comparing in ealier wrappers. The Nvidia 640M iMac was the the one with the littlest improvements, but still about 40fps.  I was the most amazed by the performance of my Macbook Air with Intel HD 4000. I played 4 games in a row, with no issues and a average framerate between 40-50fps!! So yeah, the game is now also great to play with (the newer) low end Macbooks! Enjoy!

It seems the launcher process is still active after playing. You can off course end the process in activities, but there is a more easy way. After updating the game, change the start executable to worldoftanks.exe (right click wrapper —> show package content —> wineskin —> advanced —> browse —> navigate to game folder and select the worldoftanks.exe file mentioned and click choose. This launches the game straight away and avoids ending the launcher process after you exit the game.

– Fix white screen when zooming in WOT version 9.3
– Great performance on Macbook air Intel HD 4000
– No more freezing when returning to garage after a battle
– No more glitches as far I can see

Get the new Wrapper up here…


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  1. thank you really cool work!)

  2. Hello paul, thats na server, how to i change it to EU server? cuz i need to download EU server

  3. Download alternative wrapper, there you can install the eu client into and launch and play the game.

  4. I’m afraid to say that it does still crash. It seems to do it in the middle of games now. Not sure if there’s a reason. Also when you aim in, it takes a second or two for your reticle to appear I find. This is with the alternate wrapper…

  5. Then you or have a old macbook, because the low end Macbook air with intel HD 4000 works just fine with good fps in lowest/minimum settings. (50fps). If you have a quite new Mac, then the he only reason I can think off is that you have increased gfx settings in the game options.

    The gaem only works nicely in the lowest gfx settings.

  6. I’ll try that at as I was using medium settings. Thanks.

  7. I got same problem as DYT, i can play but some games it crashes in the game, it close the WOT window, and i need to start the whole game up again, I got a Macbook pro retina the low end version with no build in GPU, only the hassle CPU/GPU version (intel iris pro graphics) is there some fix for this? :)

  8. Just reporting back that it’s still crashing a few minutes in to games rather then just crashing at the end. I’ve tried without mods and with mods and it’s still the same. Also, the loading bar when going into the game, the WoT fire thing when you launch the game and the tabs within the game (the ones you press up top when you’re in the settings for example) don’t appear properly. I’m using an iMac with a 2.5GHz i5 processor and an AMD radeon 6750m 512mb. Just wonder if there’s something I can do myself to try fix it.

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