World of Tanks Wrapper update!

Finally after a long while of failure and issues I have here finally a properly working World of Tanks Wrapper! It works quite well on my AMD radeon 512mb GFX card and have about 40-60 fps. So I was quite happy with it. The catch however is that it still works quite crappy on Intel Graphics and Nvidia cards. So it is only good playable for AMD Radeon cards only. But I hope to have an Intel and Nvidia wrapper soon as well. So check the blog regularly if there is an update for the Nvidia/Intel graphics Wrapper. Enjoy!

– Fix crash after a battle for AMD Radeon Macs

Download the AMD Radeon Wrapper from the game page up here…


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  1. The update fixed the crashes but unfortunately added a few more bugs. There are no indication bars over the different options of the interface in the garage anymore. That means i cant tell exactly what im moused over. It’s not a serious bug but it still is a bug. Also in regular battles it screwed up my aiming circle. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not and when i go into sniper mode the aim circle isnt there at all so i have absolutely no idea if my shots fully aimed or what im shooting at.

  2. Noticed the exate same as above.

    Any idea when XVM mod gets supported.

    It crashes the game when I zoom in and take a shot.
    I use quickybaby (Google it) MOD pack.
    its super handy… but crashes the game unfortunately.

    hope this helps.

    kind regards, groetjes

  3. What OSX version and what GFX card? Don’t forget this is the start. I hope very soon to fix the Intel/Nvidia wrapper as well, and maybe the new WOT update (which is in test) will help a hand as well.

  4. Mods, aren’t supported normally. But as mentioned before when the new Wine gets released friday I will recheck it and see it improves as well we need to check if the update of WOT will improve stuff as well.

  5. No longer working with the update 9.1 but works good with the old wrapper for amd

    Best regards

  6. Thanks, I will check it out as well tonight. How are the FPS? The only change with last and new wrapper is the engine change. So I can easily update it back. You checked multiple games and it didn’t hang when you return to the garage?

  7. What are your system specs by the way? GFX + osx version.

  8. Osx 10.9.3 + amd hd6670

    FPS is good for me (stable)

  9. Oups sorry amd HD6770

  10. How many frames are “good/stable” in your eyes? 40? 60? 80? and after a battle the game doesn’t hang/freeze anymore?

  11. 48 / 70 fps no gel and no crash

  12. after 30 games in tier 10 and 8 platoon and tank company no crash and freeze
    my fps are a 50/60 on standard maps
    the new map 48/70 about
    Tonight I will tell you if in clan war there is no problem

    Value fps + / – (zoom out / in)

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