Wrapper update World of Tanks Part 2!

I heard some disturbing messages of heavy frame-drops in the last Wrapper update, but in sniper view the frames were good again. This seems to happen with especially higher level tank games. thats why I probably never noticed it with my level 1 and level 2 tanks before. When I tested it with my Level 3 tank, it gave a massive drop as well. So i checked it out, and it has to to with the graphic enhanced driver.  So when I turn this off, the glitches are back for Nvidia and Intel Graphics cards, but frame rates are fixed in that case, and even better then the Wrapper before the frame drop Wrapper. So this Wrapper update has an bright side.

If you however always play level 1 + 2 tank battles, then you can turn the graphics enhanced driver on again doing: Right-click wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –> screen settings and select the “3d boost” select-box on. Then start the game and the glitches are gone again but  remember: frame-rates are worse again for level 3 and higher battles.

Tip: To prevent downloading the whole game again in the new Wrapper, you can simply move the folder content from the old Wrapper to the new one. Simply right-click old Wrapper –> show package content –> c_drive/program files -> move the WOT game folder to the desktop –> right-click new wrapper –> show package content –> c_drive/program files –> move game folder from desktop to the  new wrapper location. The double-click wrapper –>  advanced –> browse –> navigate to the game folder and select the game launcher and click choose. Now you start WOT again  using the double-click on the wrapper.

Download the updated wrapper up here…


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  1. Hello paul,
    I downloaded the new wrapper, copied my old WOT to this wrapper.
    Yes, FPS is better, but still are here FPS drops, for example when i drive Lowe, and going 40 kph downhill, it drops my FPS to 10 again :( but sniper mode is again great :/ strange. if you have some acc to test higher tiers, or test server account, please, test it because it can be by my computer…. but, i use the older wrapper,
    i mean before these updates. sniper mode is not very good there, but game run still on 30, in sniper mode little lower. so i think FPS drops are not caused by graphic fixes, but by the FPS improvements that you did.
    I dont wanna be annoying, but i only tell the performance of new wrappers :-)
    Thx for any reply,
    p.s you can find public test of 9.0 update wot at worldoftanks.eu or worldoftanks.com (i don’t know where are you from) :-) if you can, download it please to test higher tiers if you can.

  2. Can you check the old wrapper and mention if the frames are better. Just to be sure its because of the update or if it is the new wrapper:


  3. Hello, today i got again to my PC, i must download it again, because when i copied it inside, error came out. :( so i must download and try again

  4. cannot run it, again error

  5. The latest wrapper just works for me and also for another guy who tested it as well for me. Glitches are back in this case. I run mavericks and have a 512mb gfx memory. So the latest wrapper is the best i can do for now. Maybe the next update will improve this for you.

  6. Okay thx

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