Some wrapper updates! SWAT4, Empire Earth 3, Mirror Edge, Riven, The Guild 2 and Desperados 3 – Helldorado!

We don’t sit still on paulthetall/ We always are working on things, even when you may think it is quiet on the eastern front. We working on port updates, new game ports, test new features, working on new features etc. Past week I did same game maintenance and Vitor is . working on the new forums. Here a list of wrapper updates + changes.

  • SWAT 4  –> Fixed shader issue for some GFX cards (gave police characters dark/black color) and flashlight bug. The game works perfectly now :)
  • Empire Earth 3 –> fixed a installation bug (popup window which didn’t close by clicking on it.
  • Mirror Edge –> Updated the Winetrick sequence for “Physx”. At first the winetrick would launch after the game, which may cause confusion, now switched the winetrick to ‘before” the install of the game.
  • Riven –> Riven has been updated by GOG to a total different game version (ScummVM). So it needed another launcher (works perfect now)!
  • The Guild 2 –> failed to launch/install, thats fixed now.
  • Desperados 3 – Helldorado –> Added the source which was released recently + added some performance improvements and shader bug fixes (characters were darker then they meaned to be).

Go to the specific game pages on or search the updated games in Porting Kit on the library –> Server tab.

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