Zork Grand Inquisitor for the Mac!

Do you know the old Zork games? Well, once you step through the door to Zork, you leave the world of arcade games and trite fantasies behind and enter the dimension of your imagination. Every plot, every puzzle, every personality has been honed and perfected to make your experience uniquely realistic and involving. Zork Grand Inquisitor, is and adventure game where you have to solve puzzles and  laugh your ass out with all the funny things implanted in the game. I created a Wrapper and a CrossTie for the game. For the CrossTie you have to wait one more day, will be approved tomorrow. I couldn’t find a descent game play trailer so I put in a screenshot. Enjoy!

Zork: Grand Inquisitor is the last installment of the famous Zork adventure series. It uses the same formula as its predecessor: first-person perspective, 360 degree camera rotation, pre-rendered backgrounds, and live actors. Humor and comical pop-culture references accompany you throughout the entire game and guarantee that you will never get bored. So if you are looking for a not so serious oldschool adventure then this gem is for you.

Download the Wrapper and CrossTie on the game page here…

Zork grand inquisitor screenshot 2

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  1. Thanks a lot for this one! … I played old Zork text adventures long long time ago, but i didn’t knew neither about this one, nor about Zork Nemesis. So, i bough both at GOG (hope Nemesis works with this wrapper too).

  2. Hey Josep! glad to help out! I own Zork Nemesis as well now and is on the todo list for very soon. The game might work in this wrapper, but if not I will do my best to get it working after al :)

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