Gabriel Knight 2 for the Mac!

As already mentioned earlier, I will do some more DOS games which aren’t for the Mac yet as well. Here Gabriel Knights 2 – The Beast Within, which I couldn’t port to Wineskin and couldn’t run in Boxer, but ran fine out of the box in Crossover… Crossover really has some nice features. I will come up with some nice video tutorials about Crossover very soon. Enjoy the game!

The Beast Within is the second installment of the trilogy presenting the dark adventures of Gabriel “Schattenjäger” Knight. This time the protagonist is on the trail of a strange wolf, murderer of a little girl. Gabriel was asked to take care of this evil and suspects that this case is paranormal in nature. Together with his assistant, Grace Nakimura, he discovers the dark truth behind the history of Bavaria.

Download the CrossTie from the new game page up here… You need Crossover pre-installed in order for those CrossTies to work. Check out this video how simple CrossTies work! Enjoy!

gabriel-knight-2-the-beast-within-mac-screenshots 1

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