Gatekeeper Security reminder Mavericks OSX!

I am making this post after some emails I got from users which got the message that they cannot open the specific wrapper after updating to OSX Mavericks because it is downloaded from an “unidentified developer”.

To solve this matter simply change the following setting in the security & privacy preferences on your Mac to allow applications to be downloaded anywhere. See also screenshot below. You can get to those security settings by navigating to the apple symbol in the left upper corner. Then go to preferences, and then to the “Security & Privacy” symbol/option. There you can change the setting to “anywhere”. When you changed this setting you will be able to download and open all wrappers again from my site. Sad Apple brings this confusion and is trying to create a kinda monopoly position to only download apps from the appstore or partners. In my opinion there should be an “always allow” option posibility when downloading an app, instead of blocking it straight away. I also put this matter on the FAQ  now people who run into this in the future and didn’t read this post.


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