Thief 2: Metal Age for the Mac!

As promised as well: another game port. This time a very nice golden oldie: Thief 2: Metal age! It works great in Crossover! I created a CrossTie for you guys for the easy installation of the game which you can find on the gamepage. Check out the trailer below for the gameplay of this great game.

Thief™ II: The Metal Age gives you a chance to revisit the dark streets of the City, now changed by the Order of Mechanists, a new cult which has embraced many of the followers of the fallen religion of the Hammerites. In a world of steam robots and cameras Garrett will have to face a new opponent – Sheriff Gorman Truart, a lawman determined to rid the City of all criminals, starting with master-thief Garrett. Equipped with a new set of tools, including flash mines and scouting orbs, Garrett has to keep himself alive and unveil the secret behind Truart’s actions. Starts out looking as a simple case of corruption will eventually become much more, and Garrett again finds himself a reluctant savior–but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to rob the City blind while he saves it!

Check out the new game page with the CrossTie up here…

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