Oh no! More CrossTies!

This weekend I created and tested about 16 more CrossTies which now needs to be approved by the Crossover “Ninja’s”. I expect that  they will be approved today so I can put them up on the website here tomorrow. I have here a couple of CrossTies I did last week and which got approved last Friday. There are 2 nice automatic download and install CrossTies (Demos which can be unlocked to full version using a legal serial) included which will make it a walk through the park to play it in Crossover. When I count the 16 of tomorrow and the ones I have already done together, then I have done a 100 CrossTies! So thats about a sixth of all game ports on my website! And this in nearly 2 weeks time. So if I advance this trend I hope to have the whole database trasnformed in 2 months :) Of course new games will be added as well and the first new one will follow tomorrow.

So check the Crossties out below and play these amazing games on your Mac! You need Crossover pre-installed in order for the CrossTie to work. Check out this video or on the game pages how simple CrossTies work! Enjoy!

Massive Assault Network 2 (Automatic download and Install)
Mount and Blade: With fire and Sword (Automatic download and Install)
Rune Classic
Cultures 2

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  1. Thanks Paul, I’ve had a better game experience with CrossTies. I wanted to play Re-volt, so I used crossover and runs perfectly.

  2. Good to hear :)

  3. Paul I have another question! does revolt have multiplayer support with crossover?

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