More M1 Apple Silicon Port fixes!

We have 5 more fixed games for Apple Silicon :) I fixed it and tested them on my “low-end ” M1 Apple Silicon Macbook air, and they works just fine here. MOst of the fixes were most of the time start up fixes (wouldn’t launch with the old engines) so one of the latest ones made it work again for M1 Apple silicon.

Fixed Ports:
Railroad Tycoon 2
Age of Wonders 2 
Age of Wonders Shadow Magic
Populous 3 
Railroad Tycoon 3 

Tested games on M1 Apple Silicon which already worked:
Settlers IV (Runs fine)
Settlers 2 10th Anniversary (Runs fine)
Sid Meiers Railroads (runs fine)

Enjoy the games!

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  1. Populous 3 still doesn’t work for me on Apple Silicon unfortunately. I click yes at the request to use the hard drive path as instructed, but then it just quits.

  2. Game still doesn’t work.
    It loads first time but the map is buggy, no grass etc so you can’t play it.
    Then it won’t load a second time as has a direct 8.1 error.

  3. RT3 that was*

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